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Tie Clip

How to Wear the Tie Clip – Fashion Tips by The Man’s Drawer

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Tie clips are one of the smallest accessories men wear to pull together their look. Wearing the tie clip is one of the basic essential skills that every man who regularly or occasionally wears a suit should master. For some this may seem like an exaggeration, but for those who swear by the suit this is a mandatory necessity. However, some men may not know how exactly to rock this attire and so the following tips should assist you a great deal to guide you towards having a clean cut and elegant look.

1.    Where to Place the Tie Clip?

Okay, we obviously know the tie clip is meant to be placed on the tie. However, the main question is; which is the best position to place the tie? Should it be placed immediately below the knot of the tie, at the bottom of the tie or in the middle? The correct answer should be in the middle, if need be then the tie clip can be pushed a tad lower, but not more than three quarters of the tie should be left hanging above the tie clip. It is a question about balance and your eye should be your best judge.

2.    What width should appropriately cover the length of the tie?

Similarly, the measurements here are directly related to reasonable width being left out and how the tie generally looks. Do not use a tie clip that encapsulates the whole tie, this will definitely make the tie look smaller and bring unnecessary attention to the tie clip. Basically what you need is to wear a tie clip elegantly and subtly. On the other hand it doesn’t seem prudent to wear a tie clip that is in fact too small that it cannot be seen.

3.    The best coloured tie clips

Match your accessories skilfully; your cufflinks, bow tie, watch and buttons should be the same colour. Avoid the clown look at all costs and keep it simple. You can wear a silver coloured tie clip or a gold coloured tie clip. Ensure that everything you wear just falls into place effortlessly and complements the whole look. If you feel you need to spice up your style you can wear a patterned tie clip which has reasonable exciting shapes or you can just keep it simple with a mix of two different shades of colours. For example, blue and silver are a good match or blue and light yellow.

Mens Ties

Make your tie game strong with ties from The Man’s Drawer

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Boys have swag, and men have class! Where does this definition originate from? Well, as much as the gestures and dealings contribute to this statement, the dressing style also shares a major part of it! Boys compliment it with their jeans and shirts and the swaggy boots, while men keep it simple yet classy. So, what’s an essential part of a man’s wardrobe? A classic tie indeed!

A tie is a small thing, but, all these minute things matter. After all, these small things add up to make a bigger one! What makes this tie a versatile part of one’s dressing is that one can carry it almost anywhere. Whether you’re dressing up for the office or puttingup a guise for the evening, a right choice of tie pulls together all the disparate parts of your wardrobe with a tint of texture or corresponding color.

A tie always gets noticed first!

Whenever people see anyone, they just can’t help looking at their tie. That’s a natural reflex. Therefore the right choice of a tie makes a big difference to your get-up. You have to make sure that it completely complements your outfit and does not clash with it in any way.

Choose from The Man’s Drawer!

So, here are some of the very versatile ties you can get from ‘The Man’s Drawer’. These ones will surely add to your outfit and make you stand out in the gathering or in office.

1.    Royal Major Tie

Price: €25.00

This royal navy is 100% Silk, handmade with a red paisley design. This gorgeous tie will give a classic touch to your outfit, whether formal or casual.


2.    Emerald Power Tie

Price: €25.00

This is a Emerald design tie with a sleek look. It’s a 100% Silk, handmade, Emerald Green Power with a beautiful textured dot finish.


3.    Skinny Navy Crosscheck Tie

Price: €25.00

At The Man’s Drawer, all the ties are manufactured from the finest quality material. It’s 100% pure woven cotton or silk and hand finished to complete perfection.

This one is a cotton, skinny, deep navy tie. Its light green cross check pattern is very stylish and will definitely add color to any outfit, smoothly shifting your guise from day to night.


There is a never-ending list of stylish ties at The Man’s Drawer. This site is a one-stop shop with very affordable prices. So, go and get your bucket full.

Style up with some Pocket Squares

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Pocket squares have always been an essential component of men’s clothing. They have always been complimenting one’s outfit and will continue to do so. The need for such items will never run out, however, their appearance will change according to the fashion demands of the time.

Getting into the formal look always demands finesse and this is what these pocket squares are for. So, wherever you are going, your coat’s pocket should never be kept un-complimented from this beautiful and stylish piece of clothing. These hand-made pieces of cloth are what add class to your outfit.However, make sure that this piece of cloth does not stand different from the rest of your outfit. Rather, it should completely complement it and add to its value.

You might be thinking where to get the best-quality pocket squares from. The answer is simple. It’s ‘The Man’s Drawer’ which assures to provide you with the sleekest yet affordable pocket squares!

Let’s have a brief look at the list:

1.    Classic White Rolled Pocket Square

Price: €15.00

This pocket square is made of 100% silk. The company assures its customers the best quality products. This classic white piece of cloth is a universal type and will go with any of your outfit.

2.    White Flower Power Pocket Square

Price: €15.00

This pocket square is manufactured from 100% cotton. There is no way you could doubt its quality. This product is one of its kind with different colors and a vibrant design, yet very decent.

3.    White Mini Dot Pocket Square

Price: €15.00

Again, this product is made of 100% silk and is completely handmade. This pocket square is in vogue these days and will go with all kinds of outfits.

4.    Classic Plaid Pocket Square

Price: €15.00

It’s a 100% cotton, handmade pocket square.

This product is a Herringbone with black, white and grey shades.

5.    Classic Black Dot Pocket Square

Price: €15.00

This one is also manufactured from 100% cotton and is completely handmade.

This style is also in fashion nowadays, with classic design of Navy and white colored polka dot.

6.    Squash Micro Dot Pocket Square

Price: €15.00

This pocket square is a 100% silk, handmade one.

It’s beautifully designed with squash color and white micro dots. Its vibrant color is what makes it unique and appealing.

There is a huge list of unique and stylish pocket squares on The Man’s Drawer. Moreover, all these are available at the most economical prices possible. So, go and grab the ones of your choice.

5 Ties Every Businessman Should Own

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Professional looks can’t be achieved without a tie. It’s not wrong to say that a businessman’s wardrobe is incomplete without the presence of some stylish and graceful ties. Businessmen always have a craze to look elegant and versatile whether they are going to attend a wedding, business meeting, or even a funeral. Here are some descent and trendy ties which you should own.

1. Plain & Solid Ties

Nothing can beat the grace you get from plain ties in dark colours. They don’t only add value in your personality but also fits well in every occasion. Deep and dull colours are good but you may choose bright colours if you are planning to wear it to a wedding. Blue, high gloss red, and black are perfect for official meetings while soft green with high texture answers to the needs of relaxed business meetings.

2. Polka Dot Ties

It’s another budget friendly and most favourite necktie for business. Wear it with plain shirt and avoid making its pair with polka dot shirt as it will never differentiate between shirt and necktie. Wide spaced dots and muted background it ideal for middle aged and young men.

3. Paisley Ties

These neckties originate from Middle East and especially designed for businessmen to attend casual parties. Bring some hues of colours in your dressing and match the ornately bordered necktie with your plain shirt.

4. Wool Check Tie

Get a real gentleman look with military inspired colors, i.e. blue and brown. It gives a fancy look when you pair it with white or bright shirts. Ensure your sharp and smarter look by choosing wool check tie.

5. Tartan or Plaid Ties

Tartan or plaid necktie comes in overlaid stripes that vary in sizes and colours. Though, they are tough to match with different shirts but look awesome when you match it with plain black shirts. These patterns give diamond shape when you view it from the front. Never go for it in the case of strict business occasions while opt for think brown or light grey shades for casual business meetings.

Foulard ties, regent ties, novelty neckties, and silk toes are some other good options for businessmen. Choose colours and designs according to the requirements of an event and avoid pairing same design of shirt and tie. Age and complexion are some other deciding factors which one shouldn’t neglect in any way.

Socks – Wear your colours with pride

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If you listen to one thing we say, let it be that your sock situation requires a refresh every 3 to 4 months (you’ll thank us for it). Now this doesn’t mean a total overhaul, but it does mean you should ditch the worn-down guys for brand spanking new ones!!

Ever wondered what your sock drawer says about you?

Socks are a direct reflection of your personality! Wear those colours with pride